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David A. Lieberman

David A. Lieberman is the owner and founder of CineMasterpieces. He has been buying and selling vintage posters for over 30 years. David is a recurring expert featured on the History Channel TV show Pawn Stars.



Thousands of satisfied customers! Our near perfect eBay Feedback record.



We are an eBay Top Rated Plus Seller (less than 1% of all eBay sellers achieve Top Rated status).



We are also one of the founding members on in Entertainment Collectibles.



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Kelsey Grammer

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Ben Affleck

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Kate Beckinsale

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Winona Ryder

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Hal Steinbrenner - N.Y. Yankees

Scott Gimple - The Walking Dead


Devin Wenig - CEO of eBay

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Steven Soderbergh





The King of Morocco

The Archives of Monaco

Jason Flemyng - Clash of the Titans, X-Men: First Class

Peter Van Sant - CBS News

Anthony Cumia - Opie and Anthony

Jon Landau - Producer - Titanic, Avatar

Robin Lopez - NBA Portland Trail Blazers

Tony Anselmo - Official Voice for Disney's Donald Duck

Mike Henry - The Family Guy, The Cleveland Show

Alamo Drafthouse - San Antonio, TX

The President of Harkins Theatres

The CEO of Nike

Eddie McClintock - Warehouse 13

Transformers 4 - Movie Set Decoration - Michael Bay

Cast and Crew of HBO TV Series WESTWORLD



Ella Klein - 8 yr. old prodigy



"Pawn Stars"

Recurring Movie Poster Expert

on The History Channel TV Show




October 16, 2017





June 12, 2017






April 17, 2017






Featured on the game show "Let's Make a Deal"

September 19th 2016





Featured in the 2015 book "The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Movie Posters"





Featured on the front page of eBay June 2015






Featured in the March 2008 eBay catalog


This catalog was mailed to over 2.4 million people in early March 2008.


Out of millions of eBay sellers, only 32 top powersellers are

chosen to be featured in the official eBay catalog.


"We put collectibles sellers to the test to find out who goes above and beyond to deliver the best goods and services. By meeting a variety of decisive factors, including Detailed Seller Ratings, Feedback Score, and Positive Feedback Rating, these sellers have earned our stamp of approval."





Featured on the game show "It's Worth What?"

Summer 2011





Featured in ROBB REPORT magazine April 2011




Featured in ROAD AND TRACK magazine  June 2011





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New York State News




Featured in the J. Peterman Company catalog November 2012




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Featured in the September 2009 Edition of

Movie Collector's World Magazine




Our very own Bond "Goldfinger" girl Jenna.

July 2010





Customer Testimonials


l only just got into collecting cinema posters recently and I found Dave to be very helpful, honest, and patient. I found his website very useful and easy to use and will always come back to buy more. He is very knowledgeable and very professional.


Zein Mayassi

London, UK

January 2016


Dave has sold about a dozen posters for me over the past 6 years. is THE BEST movie poster web site around and is also the BEST store on eBay! Each of my posters sold for the highest price that I had ever seen for that title. Having Dave sell my posters was the ultimate "win-win" situation for me. Not only did I end up with much more money than if I tried to sell them myself, but Dave also did all the work! If you have posters worth $100.00 or more, let Dave sell them. I'm sure he will far exceed your expectations too.


Jeffrey T. Pezzella

Movie Poster Buyer and Consignee



I am very pleased with David Lieberman and his company. He is very reliable and trustworthy. Very dependable and knowledgeable in the area of value and marketing of movie posters. Because of his honest and well written descriptions my posters perform extremely well at auction and the prices realized are even greater than expected.


He is very friendly and helpful and gives customer's personal attention that would not happen with the larger auction houses.  The "keyword" for David is professionalism. I highly recommend David and his company.


I have complete confidence and peace of mind when dealing with him. 



Movie Poster Buyer and Consignee



I have found my past association with David both pleasurable and profitable. His expertise in the field of movie poster collecting goes without saying and he is always there for his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone thinking of buying or selling quality material.


John Da Prato

Movie Poster Consignor



With CineMasterpieces Dave Lieberman has developed one of the strongest brands in the hobby and a clientele ready to pay premium prices for high-end movie posters sold with care, expertise, and attention to detail. Blowing major auction house prices out of the water is their specialty and it doesn't hurt that Dave and his team maintain industry leading standards of customer care.


Phil H.

Movie Poster Consignor



I have sent Dave over 40 posters over the last few years. Most of them were pretty expensive (worth between $1000.00 to $5000.00). I am more than happy with the extremely high prices he has achieved for me. If you have some very valuable posters, let Dave take care of you, you won't be sorry!


Jim Klann



Hello everyone at CineMasterpieces! :-)

I have left you Positive Feedback and 5 stars on eBay but 70 characters aren't enough to express how happy I am with the posters.

This was my very first original movie poster purchase and it couldn't have been better. I am not a collector of movie posters but I am thrilled with these!

The packaging is absolutely spot on and everything is just very professional right down to the COA, I researched a lot of poster dealers as I knew I wanted something from the 1978 Halloween film and just based on that I would have to say you stand above the rest.

I am very happy, thank you so much and best of luck in the future, maybe one day I will be back for one of the Halloween Australian Daybills but I'll have to save up. Please may you leave Positive Feedback for me?





You are the bomb, the experience using your service was flawless, I was so worried about not being treated well due to my ignorance of your trade, but you came through with Candor, honesty and quick service. Please feel free to use me as a referral with any potential client.  I would leap at the opportunity to sing your praises.

Viva Dave Lieberman!

Paul Sosbee

Movie Poster Consignee of High Dollar Posters (Creature From the Black Lagoon Half Sheet)



Hi Dave,

I recently purchased a Return of the Jedi poster for my boyfriend Tyson for his birthday. He is a HUGE Star Wars fan and has wanted an original Star Wars poster for a long time. He absolutely Loved it!

I had no idea of what to look for when purchasing a poster. Your website was very helpful, it is very informative. After reading about the reprints/bootlegs, I was nervous about being scammed. I felt very confident and comfortable purchasing from you. I will be back around Christmas time most likely for the Empire Strikes Back.

Thanks so much for making this a very easy process.

Shanna Larrick  M.A.
Rockford Orthopedic Associates



Dave Lieberman has been selling my posters for awhile now and I am extremely pleased with the results!! Several of them sold for jaw dropping prices. Over $40,000 in Net Sales! I trust him 110%!



Steve Friedman

Mr. Movie - Philadelphia Talk Radio


Hi Dave,

THANK YOU for your understanding and help with this next delivery. Yeah, I couldn't believe the "Invasion..." insert survived that either.  They had me go to the post office to pick it up, and when the clerk brought it out, I saw that the cardboard outer packing was bent and creased across its middle.  It was very heavily scarred and there were jet-black "skid-marks" all over it.  I wouldn't say tire tracks exactly, but my first thought was "CRAP! It looks like it's been run over!"  I felt sick to my stomach.  I've been collecting movie posters for a little while now, but I've never sunk this much money into a single piece.  As I said in my feedback, you are the ONLY seller I would trust at this level in terms of both authenticity and safe delivery.  Anyway, when I saw what the post office had done, I thought I was gonna puke.  I'd finally taken the plunge to get an authentic poster of my all-time favorite sci-fi film (and a true iconic classic) and the post office had demolished it!

I ran out to my truck to open it immediately.  When I peered inside and saw the two masonite panels securely taped together, I felt a bit more relieved  -  until I reached in to slide the panels out, and only the top half emerged!  Still taped together, they had been ripped in half across their full width, and the one edge bore its ragged proof.  I looked inside the package and saw that, as the poster had been sealed in a plastic sleeve, it had slipped from between the two panels as I slid it out and there it remained with its bottom half still tucked inside the ragged jagged bottom half of the masonite sandwich.  Now I was REALLY sick!  I knew there was no way a 53 year old poster on cardstock had survived this.

I slipped the poster out and unsealed it.  You can't imagine my shocked amazement and relief!  It was bent across its width (which meant a bend across all three sections as it was folded) 
but there were no tears, no separations at the folds, not even a wrinkle of creasing!  I shook the bottom half of the masonite sandwich from the package and held it up to its mate.  I still couldn't believe it.  Right across the middle and at a slight diagonal, both panels of masonite had been ripped in half like a muscleman might rip a phone book!  And as I said earlier, the outer cardboard package just looked HELLISH!

THANK YOU, David for packing this as securely as you did.  I shudder to think of the outcome if it had been packed as shabbily as posters I've ordered from some other companies. And thank you again for your understanding and help with this "Pillow Talk" half-sheet.  I look forward to it!

July 2009


Dave, great job selling my posters. Your poster selling service was easy to use. I am very pleased with the work you put into making my posters look and SELL great. It is way more then I could have done myself.


Thank you CineMasterpieces.





Thanks Dave!


At first I tried selling my posters myself on eBay, and my results were ok but not great. And I consider myself pretty eBay savvy with over 650 positive feedback. I thought I'd give you a try.....and WOW! Your results were unbelievable compared to mine. I never knew these old pieces of paper could sell for so much! It just goes to show that if you leave it up to the experts they will do their job, and then some! I will never try and sell my posters again without your service.


S. Epstein

Movie Poster Consignee






I have been trying to find some time to contact you and let you know how much we appreciate the Shaft poster...It is beautiful!...Thank you so much! We are more than satisfied and excited to have it. Also, thanks for being such a pleasure to deal with and for keeping us posted on the progress as the picture was being worked on. We will certainly contact you first when we decide to purchase another original one-sheet.




Melissa Brantley Mulvihill

Movie Poster Buyer





I just want to take the time to express my sincere appreciation on the true professionalism that you have shown in advertising my items for auction. Your marketing skills are the best I have ever seen. I am truly glad I put my items on consignment with you. You have always been there to answer all of my concerns and questions. I hope others will take advantage of your professional skills.


You have shown great experience as a collector. Your passion in the quality of fine posters is outstanding as well as your concern in helping clients like myself is great. I am glad I found you.


Thank you and keep up the great work you are doing.


Ray Gonella

Movie Poster Consignee



Thanks for a wonderful job Dave!


That was exciting to be a part of. Again, I can't thank you enough for your handling of the sale. You're very professional.


Carl D'Andrea 

Movie Poster Consignee



Hi David,


Thanks so much for doing such a great job selling my Jaws poster and lobby cards. The selling price exceeded my expectations and I am very grateful!



Movie Poster Consignee



WOW! I never expected such great results! I was scared there for awhile but they finished up very nicely. Well done. I will be sending you some more. You da MAN!!


Jeff Turner

Movie Poster Consignee







What great results on the Star Wars posters you sold for me! You truly get the best prices on ebay and your auctions exceeded my highest expectations. Great job! You obviously have a committed and loyal base of customers on ebay. I am already packing up my next lot of Star Wars posters to send to you.


Thanks a lot!    


Ed Grisham

Movie Poster Consignee



I have purchased from you a number of times, and every time the posters are authentic, exactly as described and just like the picture. You have done it yet again. Thank you! I could not be happier.

I have just started collecting film posters this past year and I'm hooked. I have a growing collection and you have provided an invaluable service to me.

I just wanted to pass along my sincere appreciation. I will continue to visit your eBay store on a regular basis.

Very respectfully,

Will Knochel

Movie Poster Buyer







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